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OM: A few days ago I received an e-mail from a very very Dear Being captioned ” SYNCHRONIZED GLOBAL PEACE PRAYER”, soon after I had initiated a reading from the “Atharva Veda” ( Wisdom text of Bharat) on our Unified Presence and the nature of the power of our collective HEART – BRAIN cohesion, which [...]

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OM: From our last posting on “LIGHT – OUR LUMINOUS PRESENCE”,  in the magazine titled  http://www.sciencetosage.com/jan2012light-and-illuminating-ideas/ , a universe of vibrant moments have transpired. OM Was in Bharat (India) last week of Jan. 2012, and under the inspired vision of Dr.B.R.Pai (Vijay Foundaion) http://www.vijayfoundation.in/  and GATHS ( Global Alliance of Traditional Health Systems) a lecture [...]

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OM and wishing the Light of Brilliance be wholly potentialized for ALL as we have phased into a vibrant 2012 domain!  OM From travels around the globe concentrated between Bharat (India), Brazil, Canada, Europe, S.E. Asia, Russia,  and in interactions with diverse populations from farmers to administrators to scientific communities to sages to students and [...]

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Water and Origin of Life and Living Matter Bioresonance Effects! OM

OM: An inspiring report with insights from scientists and explorers to our most sacred essence :”WATER” LINK: http://www.medicalbiophysics.dir.bg/en/water_memory.html DYNAMIC BIO – PHOTON IMAGE of RUBY WATER! OM Exerpt from Dear Dr.Konstantin Korotkov : “Korotkov indicates an interesting phenomenon in Kirlian research in 1996. The experiment was confirmed by Dr. Ignatov in 2008. Upon influence on [...]

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OM: Inspiring video reading from “The Sacred path of The Warrior” conveyed by Dear Chogyam Trungpa (inspired founder of Naropa University; Boulder; Co) that is most appropriate to our vital awakening and “Living Integrally”. OM

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BRAZIL – Exploring Frontiers of Quantum Health and Quality of Life! OM

 OM : Travels in Brazil with my daughter Ariana were for 3 dynamic weeks. We can highlight the process into 3 sectors. 1. Sau’de Qua’ntica e Qualidade de Vida (Quantum Health and Quality of Life) 2. Transformations in the HEART of Brazil 3. POWER of LOVE. Let’s begin with Quantum Health & Quality of Life [...]

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Vitalizing Sciences of Spontaneous Evolution! OM

OM: An inspiring conveyance from Dear Steve Jobs conveys a clear and specific principle to all our moments as they unfurl:-” Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Live with this knowing.  OM Given this base line we can now proceed to our continuing moments! OM [...]

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KrishnaPrana to be re-designed!!

KrishnaPrana is getting a brand new design with a more colorful, interactive and holistic experience on the web. The design is going to be an immersive blend of the modern youthful design and the traditional Indian cultural values. Dear Visitors, I will start posting again once the new design is ready! Looking forward to the [...]

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Living at the Source: Perfumes for PEACE Series #5 Invocation Attar

An inspiring passage from ATHARVA VEDA 15.17.10
“Work and Live as an act of offering to achieve immortal fame and complete satisfaction of having lived a successful life.
Remember you are a child of immortality and that all life is but an offering.
Never forget that the nectar – honey of the flower of mercy is for those who sacrifice and the life offered is the life accepted.
Let the sacred flame of Divine fire shine brightly in your soul.”

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Living at The Source : Harmony & Universal Brotherhood! OM

OM – From Kriisshna’s recent travels to Bharat (India) and meeting with visionaries who have influenced the essence direction in education as Dr.Vishwanath Karad (UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance of the World Peace Center in PUNE at the MIT Campus), where over 60,000 students in all disciplines of education learn the [...]

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